Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Mistake

It's been a while since I got into new world which is my last year in college, the thing that I thought it's not a joke anymore and it seems everything get serious each time you have to decide you've gotta stand by it and fight with it. My life was not the same since I've gotten into a mistake I never thought I would involved with it.

The reason why I got a mistake was that I slipped on my tongue the secret of my friend and that she got angry with me, hated me with rage and can't deny the fact that she shout at me any foul words.

I admit I got slipped of my tongue but my intention was not to blab about her but rather to say that we can help her supporting her. With that she misinterpreted me and I humbly accepted my mistake. I know I was able to said it in a wrong time but I asked forgiveness to God for He knows exactly what I've done.

Then, I think everyone was really hated me for what I have done, they think I'm so cruel and they tend to talk about me and thinking I'm the most stupid person that they've known.

It was then they really know that I was a big fat liar and what else? they really hated me for what I am.

I somehow realized that if they are really a good friend they will confront me and tell me what will I do and the what makes it worst? they even telling me that I was a mere fact BITCH!!! and I hated them for being like that.

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