Thursday, May 27, 2010

so cold

Summer is over I think and to welcome the month of June, heavy rain pours in the end of the week of May, I guess. Well it speaks all about the weather here, in Bacolod City. Together with the season ablaze the feeling of coldness. Coldness that runs down in my spine. Something's pinching me inside. I can't force myself to stop thinking about you because if I do? What then? It's me who'll gonna suffer. They are right, I come to think of it that there were instances that reality must be faced here not of the made up of illusions inside my head. If I'm gonna just believe of what the other people say well, it will just gonna make things complicated. It turned out that I have to see just to believe somethings really going on.

Living the day with a worn out face? Huh? It feels like hey what the hell happen to you? That was something so strange to handle about being so haggard. It's a no no for me. One way to be noticed again is to smile with all of my heart. Knowing that the others could notice if you are so down or not.

(sigh) but actually I didn't mean to be so sad it just like maybe looking for something so inevitable... ;)

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