Monday, June 7, 2010

Guintubdan Summer June 5-6

June 5, 2010 it was Saturday all was prepared for the culminating activity for the Karate. With my team and my team leader? We have Rosselle as our team leader and with that we take the activity as one of the opportunity to be exposed and ready ourselves for the future purposes. It was actually a quite unexpected when my mother came and that she saw me performed there. She was actually proud of me as what she was feeling ever since when I was a child.

With those performance I knew from the start that it will turn out to be the best memory I ever had. After the culminating activity, we the SAKS already had fun being together, I met the shihans from the Philippine team and with that I learned to respect and enjoy while having our performances there at the Villamonte Gym. The whole morning was great everyone got medals and certificate of appreciation. It lasted with the bowing and the correct position on how to respect the shihans.

:) happy

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